The world is starving

Help bring food to children and families hit by the Covid shutdowns!

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Children across the globe face hunger like never before

Join the movement to make sure no child goes hungry.

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the world needs you more than it ever did before

Be a part of the solution to fight global hunger.

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The world now has 140+ million new starving people.

There is a new wave of starving people in the world today, resulting primarily from the COVID economic shutdowns globally.

"Humanity is facing the greatest crisis any of us have ever seen. It's time for those who have the most to step up, to help those who have the least."
tweeted David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Program (WFP) on September 18, 2020.

According to WFP/ United Nation’s report, an estimated additional 138,000,000 are in starvation and at risk of dying in 2021. (

Our mission

To get food directly to the hands of those dying from hunger and to mobilize the church to move!

Our goal

To serve 5 million meals daily!

Do You Have Resources to Share?

Our ability to procure and deliver the critical food supply depends on the generous donations from partners like you.

Will you partner with us today and help us feed the starving in Jesus’ name?

Gifts via written check may be mailed to •
Global Advance  
2313 Ridge Rd STE 101,
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About The Global Hunger Taskforce

A new wave of starving people has resulted primarily from the COVID economic shutdowns around the world.

We proactively engage local partners to identify people who are starving, and feed them as they can, then forward their information to the Global Hunger TaskForce Starvation Relief Operations Center (SROC) to engage and deploy one or more of our partners to deliver the follow-on food needed.

Together with you, we aim to meet the immediate and ongoing hunger and spiritual needs of people, followed by delivering more sustainable food and economic solutions for the future.

The GHT Model!

  • Rapid Need detection

    Our front line partners relay the location of the starving. We then identify the nearest available food to deliver in the shortest time possible.

  • Pinpoint help delivery

    We coordinate with our global network of food and logistic partners, along with the front line workers, to rapidly deliver critical food resources.

  • Sustainable solutions

    Our long term desire is to build sustainable food supply chains with our local partners, including farming and related development, businesses, and jobs.

Partner with us with one-time or monthly gifts to bring food to the starving.

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Donations start from $25 USD. You decide wether it's a single donation or a monthly donation. Payment by Paypal.

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What can you do to help?

There's a lot of things we need you for.

Donate now

Every Dollar you donate is going to feed someone whose only hope might be God moving through you!

Raise Awareness

We need to make a noise around people dying from hunger. Now!

Mobilize your church

Get your church to take notice and stand with us as we pray for the world and the hungry.

Partner with us

If you feel led to partner with GHT and contribute in any way you can, we would welcome the opportunity!

A call to the churches of the world!

We, the church and body of Christ are meant to be God's hands and feet on the ground. We urge our brothers and sisters in Christ in take up this mantle to feed the hungry, rally for the dying and pray for our world going through one of it's toughest seasons yet.

We urge you to raise awareness about this cause and mobilise your local bodies, communities and fellowships to act.

We encourage you to give generously towards feeding the hungry, in whatever capacity you can, to which ever feeding ministry you trust.

We request you to pray for the hungry, the dying and helpless and invite your community to do so.

We lastly ask you to stand united with the larger body of Christ in fighting for the lives of the 'least of these'.